Grabbed Frame 293a

Moving Towards Love
In our everyday life we have many motivators, for example, bills, working toward goals, hunger, responsibilities. What happens if we shift our attention to love? Love being what makes our hearts sing, love being Divine joy and a happy spirit. What happens in our day to day life if we choose to see the beauty in our daily life and be motivated to expand, move closer, build on love in our lives? Experience says that what we focus on will deepen and expand in our lives. Why not move towards more love?

Allowing Pain to be Our Transformer
So often we have pain in our bodies, hearts or minds that feels like it limits us, divides us, from our possibilities. What if we choose to open our hearts to the pain? Let’s say, for example, back pain or depression, what if we are still for a moment and bless all the people in the world who suffer like this to be free of pain, and at peace? Now, likely, this will not take our own pain away, but for a moment, it may help us use our own discomfort to open our hearts, connect with interconnectedness of humanity and wish others peace. We could give it a try. Let me know how it goes for you.

Soar Like an Eagle and View from Above
There are times that it is helpful to view our lives from a distance, like an eagle soaring high and looking down with incredibly clear sight. What do we see? How are we treating our selves and others? Where do we put our time and energy? How does this serve us? How are all the parts of our lives fitting together? Is there anything that stands out? Any changes calling to us? We can be thankful for having the wisdom and courage to view our lives in this way. Now we can use our wisdom and courage to make the shifts and changes that we choose.

Release What We Do Not Need to Hold
In our yoga and in our lives, when we are stretching and building strength, sometimes the biggest gift we can give ourselves is to identify the nuances of what stress we can release. What and where we can loosen our grasp. Finding the delicate balance and sweetness of release.

When You Know What You Need, Be Sure You Get It
Now, I don’t mean at the expense of all else. I am suggesting that through our self-knowledge, understanding of our growth and needs, that we listen to our wisdom and experience, and take care of ourselves.

When We Feel There is No Time to Spare, Stop and Breathe
What is time really? We have this very moment. Breathe and give opportunity to have awareness of the moment, of your breathe, body, air, light, earth. How incredible that we are alive and here!

What Is Most Important To You?
Deep inside, what do you hold as dear and valuable? If you are not sure, give yourself time and space to explore. If you know, then let what is dear and valuable to you, be the center of your life, even if it is not possible at this time to devote most of your time there. Your heart and mind can be there, creating a path to the center of your heart.